My name is István Gerencsér, but I am called Gege by everyone. I was born on the 25th of August, 1981 in Várpalota, Hungary.

I got familiar with tattooing as an art in an early age of my life. I was 13 when while skipping through my friend's magazines I discovered some nicely done tattoo pieces on the pages. I could already feel the power of attraction to this still unkonw world. Not much after I was eager to make a tattoo machine for my own use. I did some small tattoo pieces then, with less success I must admit. It took me a few years until I had enough money to buy a real tattoo machine. Needless to say, even during this time I never stopped drawing and kept feeling the need to learn everything about tattoing. I believe I was guided by Fortuna when in 1999 I found myself in a tattoo studio near Lake Balaton, in Balatonfüred. I was still working there when I met Boris one day. Boris, for me is one of the most inspiring artists of the Hungarian Tattoo Community, someone who is worth to follow. After this meeting I already knew that one day I would want to work next to him. After the studio at Lake Balaton I was tattooing in Croatia, Austria and Leipzig for a few years. I have been working at  Boristattoo Studio since 2007. My dream has come true as now I have the chance to work next to a great master.